About 4 years ago I had to make the very difficult decision about placing my child in a daycare. Like many parents I toured several different daycares and home daycares for my son. I wanted my son to be in a safe and loving environment almost like what he would receive by being at home.

Anna and her staff at the Toy Box have been amazing. I had all of my concerns and questions answered. Upon leaving after touring the facility I felt that I was making the right decision for my child and that this was the best option for him.

Anna Raymond has a special relationship with each one of the children in the center. Her door is always open for parents and she will do whatever she can to help you out. My schedule a work changes some time and she has been able to accommodate us each time things have changed. At the end of each day my son runs past Miss Anna's office to say good night and get the nightly treat from the treat jar.

As time has gone on I have seen my son grow, and get excited each morning when it is time to go to school. He is welcomed every morning with big hugs and open arms. He is excited each night when he sees me, so that he can tell me what he had done during the day. Each day he has something new that he has experienced. Anna has some of the most companionate, loving and well-educated staff. No matter what room my son has moved into we have all felt like we were part of a family. Essentially he has two families his home family and his Toy Box family.

Over the years I have recommended The Toy Box to many other couples dealing with that difficult decision. I am grateful that I was able to find a loving environment for my son to spend his days. I see my son playing, learning and smiling everyday when I come to pick him up and that is proof that I made the right decision.

T. Reid

Both our children, ages eight and three years old have been attending The Toy Box since 2009. From the very first visit, my husband and I were truly impressed – the location was modern, bring and spotlessly clean! The teachers are so friendly and always smiling – we are amazed at how well they got to know each and every child that attends. The staff truly cares about our children – they helped my daughter learn to read chapter books before she started grade one! My son absolutely loves playing outside with the fun equipment – especially the splash pad in the hot summer months. It is great feeling as a parent to know that your children are safe, eating healthy, having fun and learning while you are away from them at work.

Thank – you Toy Box!!!
Nicole Miller

We have been very happy members of the Toy Box family for over five years now. Our girls always love going to “little school” and it’s always been a pleasure for us dealing with Anna and her staff.

Shortly after enrolling our first daughter at the Toy Box, we discovered that she had a peanut allergy. First time parents, new to the area, new day care, Nightmare!!! Anna and her staff guided us through all of the challenges with confidence and compassion. We trust everyone at the centre like family, and they have always come through when we needed them.

We credit Anna and her staff for the incredible development of out girls’ passion for reading and writing, as well as their ability to adapt to different situations, groups and settings. We think that with the with the variety of activities and interactions offered by the centre, it gives our kids a leg up on dealing with many of the problems that life throws their way.

Anna and the staff at the Toy Box always make you feel appreciated, and give time to all of our questions, wants and needs. They really do understand the leap that parents take by leaving children at day care, and take every care to ensure that the landing is as soft as possible.

The Toy Box is a great place for kids to learn and grow, and as the years pass it seems to get better and better. We would, and have highly recommended the Toy Box to anyone who asks, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made.

Cailean and Mairi Lenover

We adore The Toy Box. It’s beyond beautiful, and it’s obvious how much pride you have for your business and the families that attend the facility. Miss Anna, you greatly put our minds at ease with which is without a doubt, the most important decision in our lives. We feel that our daughters Ella and Avery will be surrounded with love and security in your day care.

The center is clean, organized, cheerful and most importantly the children are happy! The food is healthy and nutritious. Miss Anna and the teachers are always friendly, welcoming and loving towards the children. The caliber of the staff is what really sets the Toy Box apart from the other day care centers.

My daughters have a great time learning and playing all day!! The children play outside as often as they can and The Toy Box has a wonderful playground complete with toys and activities for every age. We are truly lucky to be able to leave our daughters in your care, knowing that they are enjoying every minute of their day. Thank you for opening your hearts to us and the incredible care you provide to our family.

Denise Hood

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend the Toy Box Early Childhood Education Centre as a Daycare facility. I have known the Executive Director, Anna Raymond, for approximately the last five years. Both of her current centres offer children exceptional care which includes devoted staff, nutritional snacks, outside play time, newsletters, etc..

The Staff at the “Toy Box” are outstanding. They really take the time with each child whether it is listening to them, disciplining them in a positive manner, etc.. The Staff work together as a team and this shows through their daily actions. It is so important to know a child is getting the same set of rules/guidelines from each caregiver. Anna has ensured that her staff is all on the “same page”.

Nutritional meals (morning snack, lunches and an afternoon snack) are provided on a daily basis. Anna has made sure each facility is aware of specific children’s allergies – even making the sites completely “nut free”.

Outside play time is allotted, provided the weather is conducive to the appropriate guidelines (i.e. if it is too cold, the children will not go out and play).

An example of one of the “added touches” at this Day Care Centre is the monthly Newsletter. This helps keep parents involved and aware of upcoming “special” days (i.e. pajama day). Day trips are sometimes organized as well (i.e. bowling trips, apple picking, movie day).

Anna is also very accommodating to parents’ childcare needs. She is flexible and willing to try and assist you/your child provided she can.

It is very reassuring for a parent to know that their child is in “good hands” while they are at work. The Toy Box Early Education Centre has made this possible over the years for numerous parents.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for bringing your children to this facility.


Our son Cole has been going to The Toy Box for over a year now. The Toy Box has given Cole the tools he needs to succeed in lifelong learning. Every night Cole tells us about his day: the songs he sang, the stories they read and the friends he played with. He loves the outdoor time he gets and is always excited to tell us about going down the slide and playing in the splash pad. It’s amazing to see the individual he is becoming and we owe so much of that to the staff at The Toy box. Whether it is taking an active part in his toilet training or easing his transition from only child to big brother, they have been there every step of the way. We look forward to getting our youngest son Nash started at The Toy Box next year.

Jeff Sarzen

To Whom It May Concern:

I am making this reference letter for the Toy Box Day Care Centre an extension of my family. I say family because that is how I have adopted the daycare to be FAMILY. When we examine the word family we envision unity, security, comfort, caring and dependability. A formulation essential in guiding and protecting the ones we love. With the above stated this is how I embrace the Toy Box.

My two sons have been part of the Toy Box family for four years. During the time at the Toy Box I have seen my eldest son grow and learn new skills in ALL areas of his daily living. Some of the areas of fruition are in his self care (brushing teeth, toilet training, eating with utensils and dressing) to developing his cognitive skills, memory, and leisure expression, the fundamentals that initiates the process of child development. My youngest son is also embellishing in creative expression through the arts and crafts and he is being introduced to brushing his teeth and becoming aware of sitting on a toilet and eating with utensils.

I have witnessed on numerous occasions where the teachers are hugging a child without hesitation or reservation has family members do. Anna's office is known to the children has a place where they can freely walk in and grab a candy not a place to avoid and are not allowed to walk into. I have witnessed how close she is with all the children of the Toy Box. She is an equal to everybody, all staff members are comfortable with each other, and it is a relaxing and caring environment.

There is nothing more rewarding when your child is excited to share with you what was taught to him during the day. Further it is comforting to watch your children walk into the Toy Box without hesitation and fear. When I go to work I KNOW my children are safe and protected because they are surrounded by their family.

I would not hesitate to make a referral to the `Toy Box because they possess all the quality that enables a child to learn and grow but most importantly it is a place that I know my children are protected, and secure.


A proud family member of the Toy Box,
C. Djordjevic