School Age Room - 5 years and Up

School Age RoomOur School Age room is dedicated to giving young students the best possible start to school. Our class is small in numbers never exceeding 10 and offers a full day of fun and exciting hands on instruction. Because we keep our class size small our teachers are able to give each student the individual attention needed to foster a quality experience and develop a true love of school. Our classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to enable the children to learn and grow.

Although most of our activities and interactions with our School Agers takes place in their classroom we also give them physical activity education in our large indoor Gym where climbing, jumping, balancing, riding, and cooperative play through games and sports and much more are encouraged. The playground which is enclosed, and is designed to provide a safe and exciting outdoor experience for the children. In addition we take the children for walks outside when appropriate to explore and learn about the world around them.

Our program also provides before and/or after care for students enrolled in school. Before school care is within our preschool program is a fun and relaxing atmosphere before school begins. After school care is fun and playful time with friends giving the children a review of the days lessons in a relaxed atmosphere.


Because communication is the key to keeping parents involved and aware of their child’s activities and growth while at the center we will provide the following:

  • The opportunity to develop relationships between the classroom and the families through our family events and activities.
  • Frequent conversations between teachers and parents either in person, email or by phone.