Program Info

Children are excited about learning when they have a role in guiding the cirriculum. Our teachers listen closely to the children in their care. Based on these interests, the children and teachers develop projects (the project approach). Some project topics might include dinosaurs, space travel, birds, pirates, and babies.

The fun and learning that takes place during these projects is displayed on classroom walls through photos, dialogue, and artwork (documentation). These displays give the children the message that their interests and ideas are taken seriously and that memories of important experiences should be preserved. You are given a window into your child's experiences and you are encouraged to participate and contribute resources and materials.

Behaviour Management:

We believe guidance of behaviour should be handled without causing humiliation to a child.

Staff will not use any form of corporal punishment, verbal or emotional abuse, or denial of physical necessities.

Positive reinforcement (verbal praise and encouragement) is emphasized and the staff will consistently:

  • Use positive language
  • Stress desirable behaviour ("I like it when you..")
  • Be good role models
  • Establish well-defined limits for the children
  • Use logical and natural consequences

Children are encouraged to discuss their anger and frustration with the staff and children involved.

Appropriate to the age of the child, time out will only be used in situations of repeated or identified problems. Note: Chlidren under the age of 30 months will not be timed out, but will instead be redirected to another activity or area.

Indoor Play:

Free Play: An opportunity for children to explore and experiment in play based on activities of their choice e.g. water play, puzzles and books.

Creative Activities: An opportunity for children to explore materials in a creative manner e.g. gluing, painting, cutting, and creating collages.

Meeting Time: An opportunity to participate in discussions and activities related to projects.

Circle Time: An opportunity to learn through the sharing of stories, songs and ideas.

Outdoor Play:

Outdoor play, in suitable weather, is a very important part of our program. The children go outside twice daily.

Outdoor play may be restricted if wind-chill, humidex, or UV ratings are at unsuitable levels. Weather conditions are monitored daily.

Outdoor play includes gross motor activities such as climbing, running and riding toys.