Illness Policies

The Toy Box Inc. strives to make sure every precaution is taken to keep illness out of the centre. Below are some examples of illnesses and the policies on attendance.


Your child may attend the centre when suffering from a cold, however, if his/her temperature becomes elevated, you may be contacted.

Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye:

Your child may not attend the centre if the eye(s) are discharging watery tears or mucous. If these symptoms surface after the child’s attendance, than the parents will be contacted to pick up their child. If the infection is bacterial, your child may return after starting eye drops, provided that the eyes are no longer actively discharging.


Your child must be taken home after the second incident in one day. Children may return when diarrhea has ceased, or on the advice if a medical physician (i.e. due to teething, medication).

Ear Infections:

Your child may return after a medical physician’s diagnosis has been obtained and a full cycle of medication has been completed.

Elevated Temperature:

If your child’s temperature is 101 degrees Fahrenheit or below, you may be informed and staff will monitor your child for additional symptoms. If the temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you will be contacted to pick up your child. With a doctor’s approval, prescribed Tylenol will be administered to prevent febrile convulsions. You will be required to sign a long-term consent and pick up your child after Tylenol has been administered.

Skin Rash:

Rashes may need to be diagnosed and proper treatment started.

Strep Throat:

If strep throat is diagnosed, your child should not return until he/she has been on medication for 24 hours.


Your child must be taken home after the second incident in one day. If other symptoms i.e. abdominal pain, occur with the first incident, you may be required to pick up your child immediately.


Your child cannot return to the centre until the white spots/blistering are no longer present.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth:

If lesions/blisters are present in the mouth, your child cannot return to the centre until they are no longer present.

Head Lice:

Your child may return after treatment is completed and all nits are removed.

In cases of communicable disease, Ministry of Health guidelines will apply.

Illness, Medication and Emergency Care

Parents are advised to expect a usual amount of scrapes, bruises and minor accidents. Not all minor accidents reach the attention of the staff; however, all accidents that reach staff attention will be recorded for parent notification. All children who attend the childcare facility should be well enough to participate in all aspects of the program (both indoor and outdoor play). If your child is ill, please inform the centre’s staff as soon as practicable. A description of your child’s illness would be helpful. If your child becomes ill during the day and is unable to participate in the program, you will be asked to pick up your child as soon as possible. In the event that you are unable to pick up your child, the emergency person will be contacted.


Parents are required to sign a permission form for emergency medical treatment.

In case of emergency/injury, you will be contacted to meet the centre staff at the nearest hospital. In cases of emergency ambulance use, parents will be responsible for any and all costs incurred.

A doctor’s certificate will be required before re-admission, if there is any question as to your child’s state of health.

You are expected to notify the centre if your child contracts a communicable disease, in case there is a need to inform other parents and/or the Health Unit. Re-admittance will be in accordance with health regulations.

Written instruction and a parent’s signature are required before prescribed medication can be administered on a short/long tern basis. Only medications with a current date, that are prescribed by a doctor and in the original bottle will be administered to your child. Children on antibiotics can return after a full cycle of medication has been administered e.g. 2 or 3 full doses (depending on the prescription)


See Illness Policies Pink Eye and Strep Throat

Medications MUST NOT be left in a child’s locker. All medications are to be handed to a staff member and stored in a locked container.

After a diagnosis has been obtained, prescribed Tylenol may be given for pain/fever for a five-day period including weekends. If other symptoms occur during this period, you will be required to obtain a second diagnosis. If a child has been seen by a doctor and a diagnosis has been made, Tylenol may be administered to the child with a doctor’s verbal consent.

Staff should be notified of a child’s allergy to food, clothing, animals, pollen, etc.

Staff will use non-prescription cream for diaper rash, however, if the rash persists, it must be treated by a medical physician.