The Toy Box BuildingAbout Us

The Toy Box was established in the summer of 2002. Our purpose is to provide an environment which children feel comfortable exploring freely, to develop the social, emotional and cognitive abilities of the children in our care.

The Toy Box is committed to your children enjoying themselves, and having fun all in a nurturing environment just like home. Our staff are committed to enriched programing which will give the children the “best start” in preparing them for elementary school.


The Toy Box is dedicated to making your families experience a positive and exciting experience.

Our Vision And Philosophy

The Toy Box Inc. is committed to providing exceptional care and educational opportunites through a safe, nurturing, learning environment based on the respect, trust and partnership of the parents, the educators and the children.

Each child is uniquely individual and deserving of an environment that promotes the growth of the whole child, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Conducive to this growth is an environment that is safe, warm, loving, challenging and stimulating. In order to ensure that such an environement is created at The Toy box Inc. the corporation seeks to employ the most competent available persons.